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A maioria das empresas são pequenas e médias.

"A growing number of small businesses are in danger of inadvertently breaking the law due to the proliferation of regulations, many of which are contradictory, Tina Sommer, president of the European Small Business Alliance, told EurActiv in an interview.

"In my experience, it is not a simple piece of legislation that causes problems, but the accumulation - sometimes even contraction and sheer amount - of laws that a small firm has to follow," she said. 

Sommer called for simplification and cross-referencing of regulations to help "unravel the jungle that legislation has become".

"We are coming to a stage where it is physically not possible for one business owner to ensure 100% that he or she is following every law that may be applicable to them. This is an unsustainable situation, and will result in more and more companies inadvertently breaking the law," she added."


No indispensável euractiv.


Cada dificuldade à vida de uma pequena ou média emrpesa representa quantos empregos a menos? E a europa, não era suposto ajudar?


A propósito, um inquérito sobre as PMEs na Europa. Para candidatos a Eurodeputados e não só