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MEP Ana Gomes to host #MyEscape documentary screening


MEP Ana Gomes will be hosting the screening the documentary #MyEscape on the 21st March, 12:30, at European Parliament (room ASP3G2).

#MyEscape, one of the nominees for 2016 Best International Feature Film Award in “Filmes do Homem - Melgaço International Documentary Festival”, brings us the compelling journey to freedom and safety of a group anonymous refugees captured by the camera of a smartphone.

Melgaço's Doc Festival, organized by Melgaço's Municipality and AO-NORTE Association, promotes social and ethnographic cinema that focuses on identity, memory and borders.  

The open remarks will be made by MEP Elly Schlein, followed by a Q&A session with Manoel Batista, Mayor of the Melgaço Municipality, and Elke Sasse, the documentary's Director.

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